LinkedIn Profile and Account Management

The importance of having a professional network increases everyday. Construct your perfect profile to sum up all your achievements and aspirations on this platform to any given audience. Build a new database on LinkedIn and expose your personal biography or brand story to any target market. Use LinkedIn to target prospective clients, engage with your peers or to make a name for yourself. Find your desired job or become an influencer and reshape markets into sustainable entities of the future. LinkedIn is the most powerful and professional social medium in existence. Use it right and the world becomes your oyster.

Reputation and Credibility

Reputation and credibility are hard to come by nowadays and building it from scratch is even more difficult. LinkedIn is a good place to start or improve on your professional credibility.

Campaign Strategy

The effectiveness of growing your LinkedIn Profile will depend on how successful your LinkedIn campaigns are. Promote at the right time and to the right audience with the perfect message and organic engagement will naturally occur.

LinkedIn Group Strategy

LinkedIn Groups is another way to organically grow your profile. Link with like-minded individuals or organisations, share knowledge and collaborate to grow in popularity.

Yielding Results

With reputation and credibility comes opportunities, leads and valuable networking connections. Scaling these opportunities toward more lucrative ventures will ultimately increase your ROI. One more dynamic tool at your finger tips.

Our Fees

We promise to always communicate and never have hidden or unexpected costs by being collaborative and transparent


499 MO.

  • Essential Profile Build
  • Three hours of Network Exploration
  • Two hours of Group Management
  • Feedback on Strategic Insights

All prices are exclusive of GST and 6-month minimum term applies.