The Most Effective Marketing Methods At Your Finger Tips

There are several ways to market your business effectively but investing in the correct methods for your business is what keeps us marketers in business.


Online Marketing (SEO)

Once you have invested in a great website it makes no sense for your site to lie dormant somewhere in cyberspace. Your website could be one of your business's most devoted employees. It never sleeps and is always there to communicate your messages at any given time to millions of potential customers surfing or actively searching the web at any given time. The reason why Google makes billions of dollars every year is because they have a complex algorithm that evolves daily to make sure that the web is a fair playing field for all businesses. The solution to being found online is called SEO or (Search Engine Optimisation). Our technical web team are SEO specialists. We have the ability to get your business found on the 1st page of Google using a range of techniques. Make SEO part of your marketing budget today.

Quality content is the foundation of SEO, but without incoming links to that content it will never be found. Writing GREAT content is a good way to kill 2 birds with one stone, as great content attracts great links.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Onstem Media build Google AdWords campaigns that are targeted and effective. We track each advertisement, ensuring it is pulling relevant, meaningful traffic through to your site. We refine your campaign daily, monitoring your click through and conversion rates. We can build separate landing pages and measure the conversion ratios of each advert. You can manage your budget and total spend so you are aware of every dollar. We do NOT take a percentage of your AdWords budget. Instead, we have a set management fee that is agreed upon at the start of each campaign. Depending on the size of the campaign and the work involved we will recommend a logical budget to kick-start your PPC advertising.

Online marketing is complex but can be very rewarding and yield great results if done correctly. Leverage the complexities of your online marketing with Onstem Media.

Social Media for You

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Every performance based website has to have a social presence. Connecting to all the major social media networks directly from your site is now a mandatory features on all modern websites. Before a customer does business with you they have found out what others think of you and your services. Social media can make or break your business reputation. Our social media team of designers and copywriters learn your business inside out to best portray everything you stand for and offer.

Through our strategic processes we build your online awareness and enhance your ranking.

e-Commerce Marketing

Onstem Media continue to shift the way brands achieve results by making then more visible online. The traditional business models have changed drastically. Smart phones now sell more goods than storefronts. For businesses that are reliant on online sales to succeed, they will need a tailored e-commerce strategy and campaign. We entice buyers to your online products and we encourage conversion. We also offer free advice on the structure of your website, its ease of use and its ability to convert browsers into buyers

Onstem Media are focused on creating new solutions and are driving new initiatives with the help of emerging technologies. We are proactive and never complacent.


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