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We are a visually engaging business who appeals to the customer that appreciates quality, exclusivity and a refined taste in the value of authentic product and service.

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Above The Line Advertising

Choosing the right method of advertising at the right time is a science that we are accustomed to. Knowing the market and the brand value of a product is the backbone of how to sell it effectively. We work with premium brands that have a higher value appeal and status in their respective markets. We work above and below the line to achieve your desired results. From TVC's to Radio jingles and digital billboards, we have the correct mediums in place to display your brands appropriately.

Effective above the line advertising means that you are selling to the right audience in the right place at the right time – all of which are integral factors in how your advert performs.

Below The Line Advertising

When you possess something of value the world should get to hear about it. Nothing builds up a brand like the demand for a quality product that is only accessible to a select audience. Word of mouth and an engaging story behind an appealing brand sparks the attention of an exclusive market. The who's who of every industry knows when and where to find what they are looking for. Print media remains a very effective form of marketing provided it is designed to engage in a unique way. There is still something quite special about holding a very intricately printed invitation or corporate compendium. Reading an eBook is convenient but it will never beat a hard copy. We design printed collateral that evokes emotion and appeals to the senses. When you get your hands on a tangible work of art it will leave a long lasting impression in your memory of the event.

Your audience are looking to emotionally connect – an impression that they will remember you by. Reach out and wow your audience by generating exclusivity and, thereby, demand.

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Cross Media

Cross Media Advertising

Cross-media advertising is when targeted, relevant communications are delivered across multiple media channels in order to arrive at a mutual goal. We simultaneously market the same message across all media segments to accentuate the brand and its objectives. These types of advertising methods are time reliant and work in unison when the campaign has been perfectly thought through. Understanding all the elements of each platform limits your risk or potential risks. Onstem Media craft some of the most noteworthy and creative ideas.

Keeping all your advertising mediums in sync means a greater impact to audience that see the message on different mediums, whilst delivering an emphasis on the same message to work towards the same goal.

Billboard Advertising

Onstem Media work on the market metrics of finding the right location to promote your brands. We look closely at the location of your products or services and place engaging outdoor adverts at the forefront of your audience in the form of Billboards. Outdoor Billboards can gain a lot of attention if they are located in front of a heavy flow of traffic. Onstem Media buy, plan, print and arrange your outdoor media advertising. We work mainly with business environments located in the heart of Melbourne. Our strategic planning and positioning of your products are part of our services to you.

Strategic positioning and timing of your Billboard Advertising could yield more results than you think.

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